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Praise for Madam Secretary

"From mother and socialite to professor and secretary of state...she is frank, assertive...straight-shooting."
The New York Times

"Her portraits of foreign leaders are lively and evocative...the result is a book that creates a sense of policy made by real people."
The New Yorker

"Candid, [she] veers comfortably between the personal and the political. Offers a rare female perspective on diplomatic life."
Time Out New York

"One of the most diverting political bios in recent memory."
Entertainment Weekly

"Thorough and insightful. Filled with shrewd character sketches of world leaders...Albright's style is engagingly direct. This memoir captures the disarmingly blunt purposefulness that made its author an irrepressible force in foreign affairs."
Publishers Weekly

"Madeleine Albright has written a different kind of memoir...It's Albright unplugged."
USA Today

"Madam Secretary covers everything from discovering belatedly that her family was Jewish to her years in the Clinton Administration...unlike other memoirs, it has hardly a hint of score settling."

"Captivating...absorbing...she writes candidly and perceptively."
The Oregonian

"Albright's writing is smooth, captivating and thoughtful. The book provides a sweeping overview of foreign crises during the entire eight-year term of the Clinton presidency, with fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into personal encounters with world leaders from across the globe."
Seattle Times

"A fascinating mix of the official and the unofficial, the political and the personal."
Rocky Mountain News

"Forceful and funny and smart...Albright strikes a note of commonality with all women."
Pioneer Press

"The fascinating story of a remarkable person who has served her country well."
Dallas Morning News


Madam Secretary
by Madeleine Albright
Copyright 2003-2013 Marios Michael